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Complete your booking for one of these and we will add the Navilink to the other 3 websites too!

We offer you this month, on top of the discount, an option to set your Navilink on 4 cannabis sites at once. Hanf Journal, Konopravda, Konoptikum and RBH23 are reaching many readers in Europe, so the effect will be visible fast. For 3,499 instead of 6,999 Euro the deal is yours.

50% off for online campaigns

Special offer to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

Since the Internet has become the number one source of information it only seems logical to get in contact to customers via digital media. For that reason we cut our rates in this segment as high as 50 percent. This creates a great opportunity to reach many more customers for a much smaller amount. The offer stands until August 30th, 2020.

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